Props to Dro and The 305 for taking notice. #HomeTeam.

Crazy Hood Productions is a multimedia company that has been intertwined with Miami for over two decades. They celebrated their 20th anniversary of existence in 2013 and may have had their best year ever as well in the process.

Founded by Eric “DJ EFN” Narciandi and a close-knit circle of friends, Crazy Hood Productions has been contributing to Miami’s hip-hop and music scenes in so many ways. From their own independent music releases and mixtapes to opening a clothing store that also sold local music, they’ve also provided promotional and marketing services for some of the biggest brands and companies in the world. If you’ve seen street teams in Miami then at some point we’re sure you’ve run into the doings of Crazy Hood during one of their many executed campaigns.

In the last couple years, Crazy Hood has expanded its reach with a few new ventures including artist management, which boasts local impresarios Mayday! and Wrekonize under the CHP umbrella of management. And Crazy Hood as a company has also launched a film division entitled Crazy Hood Film Academy that has absolutely done wonders for them. Aside from filming, producing and recording tons of projects that you’d be amazed at, they filmed and released a very dynamic documentary Coming Home that has since gotten tons of praise and recognition from critics and film festivals alike. This past fall, Coming Home got its television debut via Diddy’s recently launched Revolt channel and its been playing frequently via numerous encores that are still happening as we type this. And then they also have their website that doubles as a page for their company and as a go-to spot for news, videos, photos and more.

All in all, we don’t think you can find a local company that has been able to contribute to Miami’s growing music and arts scene more than Crazy Hood has while still staying in business and staying true to their humble beginnings and original mission statement. We wish Crazy Hood another 20 years and many more successes along their continued journey. Read the original article at

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